Amber and Sean's garden themed wedding and reception, which was located inside the Guitar and Cadillac Hall in Columbia, Tennessee was absolutely enchanting, with a perfect blend of rustic and romantic elements. The setting was in an historic warehouse, that sits above what is now Puckett's Eatery, with beautiful hardwood floors, huge old windows, and rough brick walls that provided a charming and unique backdrop for their special day.

The choice of decor was quite lovely for this garden themed wedding with touches of moss to add a natural and earthy feel to the decor, creating a garden-like atmosphere even indoors. Sitting atop the moss were lanterns with candles that were a classic choice for creating a warm and romantic ambiance. Also, as centerpieces, were vases of Ozothamnus, Fresh Eucalyptus, Peonies, Dahlias, Tuberoses, Chrysanthemums, Cock's Comb, Ranunculus, and White Roses that made for a beautiful mix of textures and colors. The fresh greenery and various flowers brought a burst of color and natural beauty to each table.

The overall theme of the garden party created a relaxed and joyful atmosphere for Amber and Sean's special day, making it a memorable occasion for both the couple and their guests. The juxtaposition of the indoor venue with the outdoor-inspired decor made it a unique and visually stunning event!


Some of our favorite highlights from Amber & Sean’s wedding were:

The ceremony - Amber and Sean's guests came dressed in garden party-themed attire of floral prints, pastels and bold colors with light and flowy fabrics that were bright and beautiful and that added an extra layer of charm and excitement to their wedding and reception. This choice not only complemented the overall theme, but also encouraged everyone to participate in creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere. Amber and Sean's wedding ceremony was sweet and moving. The heartfelt and emotional ceremony was the highlight of the day, as it symbolized the love and commitment between the couple. The presence of friends and family who genuinely cared for the couple created an atmosphere of love and support, enhancing the emotional impact of the ceremony.

This sweet and moving wedding ceremony will leave a lasting impression on everyone who were present and it set the tone for the celebration that followed. It was a testament to the love and connection between the couple, and it's a memory that they, as well as their guests, will cherish for a lifetime. As vows were exchanged and memories were made, the venue stood as a silent witness to yet another chapter in its own storied history.

The First Look - Amber and Sean had their first look in front of the courthouse on the square in Columbia, Tennessee, and was filled with genuine and emotional reactions from the bride and groom as their family watched from beyond. It was a moment that the couple expressed their love, excitement, and happiness with one another before the whirlwind of the wedding day began. Followed by their first look, portraits were taken in different locations on the square, which made for special and picturesque moments for the couple. The choice of locations added to the charm and historical backdrop to their wedding day story.

Just Married Portraits - Their "Just Married" portraits were taken in and around the historic President Polk Gardens. Choosing this location for their portraits was a wonderful decision because of it's picturesque location known for its natural beauty filled with lush greenery, colorful flowers, and serene landscapes. This natural beauty provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding portraits and captured the essence of a garden party-themed wedding. After the ceremony and the excitement of the day, taking portraits in the gardens offered Amber and Sean some quiet and intimate moments together as a married couple.

Amber and Sean – Thank you for choosing us to capture the celebration and union of your two souls. Also, thank you for being so kind and easy going. I hope you enjoy your timeless keepsakes that encapsulated your emotions, moments, and the details of your wedding day for many years to come!

Here is a little more about Amber and Sean and how they met:

How did you two meet? Tell us a little about your love story.

We met in college through mutual friends but both were with other people for a long time. We always were really good friends and so when we finally had the opportunity to be together we jumped at it. The rest is history.

What do you all do that you consider fun or relaxing on the weekend for the two of you? 

We love binge watching TV together after work

What are your favorite quotes? (Her)

Never doubt the ability of small groups to change the world, they are the only things that ever have.

What are your favorite quotes? (Him)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day

How would your fiancé describe you? (Her)

Kind, funny, and maybe a little dramatic.

How would your fiancé describe you? (Him)

Smart, funny, silly, and sometimes intense

Tell me about your engagement ring?  Anything significant about that stone.  (Her/Him)

Sean designed it with a jeweler, originally he asked his parents what I would like and they told him to get a simple one diamond ring. Instead he got me a vintage looking sapphire ring and it was 100% the right call. I love it.

What are some of your favorites dates that you've had together? (Her)

When we went to an ultra fancy restaurant in Vegas and didn't even know the polite way to eat the items

What are some of your favorites dates that you've had together? (Him)

Mythos Restaurant at Universal Studios, Harry Potter Night at the Adventure Science Center

What are some of the quirky, sweet things you love about your fiancé? (Her)

I think its funny how absolutely particular he is and then he claims to be laid back. He is 100% or nothing.

What are some of the quirky, sweet things you love about your fiancé? (Him)

Always tells me she loves me, cares for animals, and is genuinely kind. Will never drive.

Thank you again, guys! These Middle Tennessee Wedding Photographers pray you are blessed with a joyful and long marriage!

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