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Collins and Collins Wedding Photographers were so happy for this sweet couple! May God bless them with a long and happy marriage!!

What was your most anticipated part of the day?

Brenda: walking down the isle, seeing Craig's smile and saying our vows to one another.

Craig: it being over- because of the planning and the time it took.

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

Brenda: the lodge was incredibly short staffed. We ordered lunch and it never came in time for me to eat. I still needed to shower and do hair, makeup....everything! So, I left the restaurant-jumped in the shower, and did half my hair...Craig left my Cobb salad on the counter where my make up was going to be done and I ate while the makeup artist was doing my makeup. My hair went up, with the help and advice of friends (one was curling my hair, while another was fixing my veil) and ended up getting dressed and ready. A bit rushed- but it worked out beautifully. Sort of on time...I was still working on it all when the wedding party started walking down the aisle.

Craig: the lack of staff, the morning crew was not showing up to provide food for the restaurant. I was worried we might not get the reception food. I thought of possibly ordering pizza as a back up for 130+ people! It worked out and the staff assured us food would be there and it was.

What ended up being your favorite part of the day?

Brenda: laughing! But the serious most favorite part was my dance with Craig to our song. I picked the song, it's one he played me early in our dating, but we both knew we were the ones for each other. The song explained us and our vulnerability we felt and shared. He was surprised and moved that I chose that song for our dance.

Craig: the reception part of it- being able to talk to friends and the pressure of the ceremony was behind us it was fun and relaxing.

What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?

Brenda: plan, budget, plan...enjoy the process. It was a lot of fun incorporating out personalities in our wedding. The beginning to the end, it was us.

Craig: lighten up Frances! Have fun!

Were you nervous? How did you squash the nerves?

Brenda: I was nervous only once- I've know since a month after dating I could spend the rest of my life with him, but while getting my nails done the day before, almost an anxiety - type panic attack, feeling the vulnerability of loving unconditionally, and believing it is there in return. I was fearful for just a few minutes worried about "what if he leaves, what if he's not in it for the long haul. Insecure thoughts- I squashed the by reminding myself of who Craig is! All he has shown me to this point. And peace came.

Craig: waiting for the food, showering, and shaving, getting it all together on time! The pressure made me nervous.

What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

Brenda: How perfect it went. Everything went as planned. It was perfect weather, friends and family were around, music, transitions, everything was amazing.

Craig: I agree! And the huddle of the girls!

What was your wedding inspiration?

I wanted to keep it simple and economical. I didn't want to take away from the outside beauty of the trees and the lake. So just tulle, flowers and greenery, and mason jars. I have 3 daughters who designed their own weddings and I took some of all of theirs and incorporated them into mine. Roses and Tulle. All you need for decorations,

What song did you walk down the aisle to?

Wedding party: The Good Ones, Gabby Barret

Flower Dudes: Stroke, Billy Squire

Bride: Thousand Years

What song played for your first dance?

If I told you, Darius Rucker

Tell me about some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them!

I absolutely love roses, flowers and being outside. I love the simplicity of the lights with tulle hanging. And for my decorations, table center pieces, bouquets, and arbor greenery, my flowers were creamy with a light pink hue. All of them my favorites. My daughter Jalisa helped put it all together, she has a great eye for design. I told her how I wanted it, gave her the flowers and greenery and she made it happen.

Any advice for those couples planning their wedding now?

Research prices and venues. Get an idea of what you would like and start getting quotes. There are plenty of options, and we wanted one with our budget and in keeping with what I imagined it would look like. Be flexible. I imagined getting married at the beach in front of the ocean. We found it very impractical and expensive to have the friends and family we wanted to be a part of our day with having to travel to make that happen, so we found a venue surrounded by the lake! It was a win, win!