Kim and Devon initially met back in 2013 when they worked at the local Walmart in the Middle TN area. Kim remembers him from Walmart, but he does not remember her. Kim was a cashier and Devon was a cart pusher. At the time, Kim had a boyfriend and Devon had a girlfriend, so they went their separate ways doing their own thing, until they met again on a dating app. After they connected on the dating app, Devon decided to delete his, but Kim found him on Facebook and the rest is history. Now they have been engaged for 7 months and will be getting married in November 2021 in Columbia, TN and they can't wait! Collins and Collins Wedding Photographery cannot wait to share their upcoming wedding photos! Get to know a little bit more about them down below.

Describe your best attribute(s)

Kim - Caring and social

Devon - I am a hard worker and am very loyal

Describe your worst attribute(s)

Kim - I am a worrier, I worry too much!

Devon - I can be very shy!!

Tell us about your day to day life.

Kim - I work at an antique store, and take care of all our 13 animals.

Devon - I’m a full time plumber and part time farmer.

What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

Kim - Watching movies and spending time at home.

Devon - Hanging out with Kim.

Describe your first impression of your fiancé.

Kim - Very handsome and very sweet!

Devon - Sweet and talkative.

Describe your fiancé in 3 words.

Kim - Hard-working, caring, and sweet!

Devon - Lovely, lovable, loving!

Tell us something about your fiancé that many people don't know about. (ex: hidden talents, pet peeves, habits)

Kim - Devon can play piano.

Devon - Kim has cute snores.

What are you most looking forward to at your wedding?

Kim - Saying I do.

Devon - After party where we dance the night away.

How did you know that he was the one? What do you love most about him?

Kim - Doing things for me when I don’t have to ask him to do them in advance.

Devon - She fulfills all my expectations as a woman, wife and the mother she will someday be.

What would you say is/are the most important moment(s) on your wedding day?

Kim - Walking down the aisle and saying I do.

Devon - I am looking forward to dancing with my moon.

Where have you traveled together? Where is your favorite vacation spot as a couple?

We have went to smoky mountains, which is also our favorite vacation spot.

What do you enjoy doing together as a couple?

We love to watch movies together.

Is there a special theme for your wedding?

Fall and rustic

What is the style of your wedding?