I believe the most important thing to consider before choosing a Wedding Photographer is the  shooting and editing style.  Shooting and editing  styles  vary from photographer to photographer.   My shooting style is a combination of all of the below and my editing style is "Light/Bright and Airy!  You can take a peek at some of my galleries  here!

Shooting Styles

* Classical

* Journalistic

* Artistic

* Lifestyle, etc

Editing Styles

* Light and Airy, Bright and Airy

* Natural

* Dark and Moody, etc

The next thing to consider is your budget.  Wedding photography  pricing varies from $500, to the sky's the limit!  But what can you afford?   Figure that out and you will be ready for the next step.  

Once you figure out your style and budget,  then start comparing those photographers.  Don't just choose your photographer by looking at their social profiles or website, but  ask to see full galleries.  Looking at full galleries will tell you a lot.  Almost any photographer can make a few different photos look  consistent, but when a photographer can get hundreds and sometimes thousands of images consistent in tone, that says a lot!!  Take a look at a full gallery  here!

To narrow down your search even more, read reviews and recommendations.  What do  other customers say about their  experience?

Take a look  here  at some of my reviews!

I hope this helps you find your perfect photography team!

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