Collins and Collins Wedding Photography/Middle TN Wedding Photographers in Rockwood, TN!

Couple:  Rose and Byron

Wedding Date:  September 30, 2022

Wedding Location:  Brady Mountain Wedding and Event Center, Crab Orchard, TN

Quick Facts:

Rose and Byron met in Ohio where Rose is originally from. Byron is from Colorado but was living in Ohio while doing and internship and so their paths crossed. When his internship was finished, it was time for him to go back to Colorado but they knew they were head over heels in love with one another, so Rose packed her luggage to join him in Colorado, while they waited for job opportunities for him. Byron received and accepted a job offer in Oak Ridge, TN in which the company paid for a trip out to Tn to look for housing. As they were leaving for the airport Byron proposed. Rose was expecting him to propose sometime, but not as they were literally walking out the door to go to the airport, so you can imagine her surprise. It is obvious that it was a good surprise because here we are shooting their engagement session as they plan their wedding and the rest of their lives!!

As their wedding day approaches, they have settled on a sweet piece of acreage in Rockwood on their little farm where we shot their engagement session. Their farm animals consist of 3 dogs, 1 horse, 1 donkey, 4 pigs, a guineas, and flock of geese. Take a look at their animals and little farm below. I loved being on their little homestead, it was a slice of heaven for this country girl.

It was a great day for these TN Wedding Photographers, to be able to walk around in the country on their sweet little farm and celebrate their love for one another!