Paisley and Donald's wedding took place at  Harpeth Valley Farms in Kingston, Tennessee. It’s not often that Collins and Collins Wedding Photography gets to shoot an event on a beautiful farm with a view that seems to go on for miles. When we do, we're 100% onboard.

Even though the weather was sweltering hot we could not have asked for any more gorgeous photos!

The sprawling farm with it's lush green grass, combined with the sheer grandiose of a summer day in Tennessee gave us the perfect backdrop for this incredible wedding. It also helps that Paisley and Donald chose a knockout color palette. The lavender bridesmaid dresses complimented the summertime greenery to a T. Lavender holds a special place in my heart as far as weddings go, it reminds me of dear friends and family who have also chosen it as an expression of beauty during their ceremonies as well.

Speaking of dresses, the brides dress did not disappoint, Paisley’s beautiful lace detail was quite the showstopper, and I can tell by the look on the grooms face, Donald loved it just as much.

Back to the venue, because we were just so blown away! Harpeth Valley Farms, you did not disappoint these Columbia, TN photographers. We dearly hope to be back to this event site in future, especially if it is half the good time that Paisley and Donald's wedding afforded us.

This lovely couple certainly made it easy to capture many beautiful pictures of their day! As with Paisley and Donald, your wedding day should be chronicled from start to finish, then, when it comes time to reminisce not one detail is forgotten or dismissed. "The more pictures, the better", in our thinking as photographers.

Personally, my favorite memory of the day was witnessing this sweet couple take holy communion. In doing so, they committed themselves to each other while placing Jesus at the center of their marriage. I can’t think of a better way to start your life together than to put Him first. 

There is something about a first look. For some it’s not traditional. But, I love that it gives the bride and groom that intimate, uninterrupted, one-on-one time before the ceremony takes place. This is another reason they were able to get so many shots. When doing a first look, it gives us more time for photos, and we aren’t as rushed.

Paisley was also able to do a first look with her dad(s) which is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something so special about that father(s)-daughter bond and it just brings out all of the happy tears.

True love is easy to spot. Whether it is love at first sight, or love that takes time to grow, it can’t be mistaken. That’s what I see when I look at these pictures. Pure, genuine love. I hope you enjoy their beautiful wedding just as much as we did!