Antrim + Clemmie Grace Designs

Being an engagement and wedding photographer I am able to see some amazing venues and meet some awesome people! Are you looking for that perfect venue, wedding planners, or an engagement and wedding photographer in Columbia TN?? Well look no further!! Enjoy this little read about the perfect place right here in the beautiful town of Columbia, TN

You've been dreaming about your wedding day for years. So what's a soon to be bride to do when it's time to plan the wedding? Your wedding is one of the most important and emotional moments in your life but, planning a wedding often leads many high functioning, otherwise rational humans to turn into scary "bridezillas."

If the stress seems like too much, it may be time to consider hiring a wedding planner and we know the most perfect wedding planning duo!

Clemmie Grace Designs has been planning the most beautiful weddings in the southern middle Tennessee area for over ten years. Located in Columbia, TN. Clemmie Grace Designs began when two life-long friends, Margot Penrod and Patricia Wakefield decided to do something they both love, creating amazing experiences for their clients on the most important day of their lives.

I had the honor of talking with these tow sweet ladies as I visited with them on the grounds of The Antrim Celebrations, a beautiful historic event venue 3 miles south of Columbia TN. Immediately, I could see the passion in their faces when they talked about Clemmie Grace and all the wonderful wedding experiences they have been so blessed to create for so many couples.

"I was a tad bit nervous meeting with them as I’m more comfortable behind the lens, but they made me feel like we were old friends and calmed my nerves.  I can only imagine this is just one of their unique qualities they bring  to all the couples with whom they plan weddings."

Clemmie Grace Designs takes the stress out of planning a wedding and creates a joyful and memorable wedding experience for all couples. And even though they've planned hundreds of weddings over the years, these two beautiful souls will make you feel like you're their only one. From intimate gatherings, to garden parties, to traditional and grand receptions to rustic venues, they plan, design and source everything it takes to have the wedding of your dreams.

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I am so happy to have met these ladies and made two new friends.  Be sure to check out the photos I shot below.