What a beautiful day it was for a wedding in Burns, TN at Windsong Farm Events! The weather was perfect for these Columbia, TN/Middle TN Wedding Photographers and the wedding party. As we arrived at our destination the first thing I noticed was a spectacular, brand new barn sitting on acres and acres of rolling green grass and wooded countryside setting. I loved the bridal suite, which had lots of natural light for getting good portraits of the bride and her bridesmaids as they got dressed for the ceremony. The grooms quarters had lots of light as well and could not be outdone by the poker table for the guys to play a little card game.

Leanne had a sweet first look moment with her dad which was emotional, with both of them shedding a fear tears on this most joyous day!

Were you nervous? How did you squash the nerves?

I was definitely not nervous. We have been together for the past 7 years and our friends who are here are like family! We have been wanting to get married for the past 4 years, but have been putting it off, so were are definitely ready today to get it done and over with!

What was some of your favorite details or memories of your wedding day?

For me it was definitely our preacher and his sermon. The words he spoke were beautiful and perfect for us! We were very blessed to have Mr. Ronnie as our preacher since he is now retired. Also, I loved being able to go off alone with my husband and have our Bridal portraits made of just us two together, which was very special to me. Another favorite memory of mine happened at the alter when I came down the aisle Denver told me I looked beautiful and tears started streaming down my face. Also, being able to have a first look with my daddy was so special to me because he is my world and I am a daddy's girl for sure. Being able to have a first dance with my daddy brought back a flood of memories from high school. My daddy came to my prom and danced one dance with me and he asked me at that time if I was happy with Denver and asked if I was going to marry him and I said most definitely daddy, I think he is the one, and now here we are 7 years later. Leanne and Denver have known each other for 15 years!

What was your wedding inspiration?

I got my wedding inspiration from my sister's wedding. Her decor was simple yet elegant and I wanted the same thing for my wedding. 

Her necklace was given to her by Denver several years ago, the two diamonds in the center stand for being his best friend and his true love.

It was a fabulous day for these TN Wedding Photographers and we are so blessed to have been a part of their special day!

Her beautiful leather bouquet holder