As a Columbia, TN Engagement Photographer, I get the privilege to hear lot's of couples love story of how it all happened and now you get to share in the stories that I hear. I hope you enjoy!

Tell us about the proposal! 

Maddy (Craig's 15 year old daughter) and Craig proposed. Maddy even picked out the ring. They were going to propose on an outing to the race car track. Craig had a plan of giving me a trophy at the end of the race with the engagement ring attached and then proposing there on the spot. Instead, because Maddy was so excited when they brought the ring home, that she wanted him to propose right away and not wait for the outing. With her dad's permission, she ran upstairs and got the ring and gave it to me. It was packaged in a beautiful gift bag and in a ring box. Maddie handed me the ring and her and Craig asked if I would marry them. It was a beautiful moment and a beautiful ring and the fact that Maddy was a big part of it, meant a lot to me. 

What did you do on your first date?
Kissed! It was St. Patrick's Day and we were celebrating together. We went to dinner, and soon after met friends in downtown Nashville to go dancing at 3rd and Lindsley. We had our first kiss when he drove me to my car.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love to shoot guns, ride the razor and just be outside. We also, love to travel!!

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day!
Getting together with family and friends and celebrating. And, of course, marrying the most amazing person!

They will be having a May wedding ceremony on the beautiful grounds of the Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, TN. We are so thrilled to be their Columbia, TN Wedding photographers and can't wait to capture this amazing chapter in their love story.