Collins and Collins Wedding Photography/Middle TN Wedding Photographers in Brentwood, TN at Ravenswood Mansion!

Couple: Carolanna and Anderson 

Wedding Date:  June 6th, 2022

Wedding Location:  Ravenswood Mansion, Brentwood TN

Here is a little history and some facts gathered by these Columbia, Tn Wedding and Engagement Photographers

How did you two meet? Tell us a little about your love story.

We meet our sophomore year of high school through mutual friends and the rest is history! After a few month of flirting and mingling we made it official and have been together ever since. It's been great going through so many important life phases together and just discovering new things we love about each other! We are also very lucky to have a wonderful dog together, Johnny Cash, who's been the best companion for the both of us.

What is a good weekend for the two of you? 

Her -We are a very active couple so a good weekend for us usually involves walking around downtown or checking out a local park! We also like to ride our bikes on some local trails when the weather is nice.

Him - Carolanna and I like to get out and stay active, so we like to walk our dog around parks or downtown Franklin and get some dinner. We also enjoy going to see live music.

What are your favorite quotes? 

Her - Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. - Rumi We were together - I forget the rest. - Walt Whitman

Him - And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good - John Steinbeck

How would your fiancé describe you? 

Her - He would probably say that I'm goofy and outspoke.

Him - She would probably say that I'm witty and serious.

How do you like to spend your days together? 

Her - I like to just go with the flow and see where the day takes us. Usually we end up going on long walks with our doodle Cash and making dinner together while listening to our records!

Him - We just enjoy each others company doing just about anything.

What are some of the quirky, sweet things you love about your fiancé?

Her -Anderson has a great sense of humor as well as a love for chess and crosswords. I'm terrible at chess but I enjoy playing against him and getting tips on how to get better. I also love to sit and drink my coffee while we take turns with the NY Times crosswords.

Him - How she always sings to music in the car and dances around the house.

If you had three wishes granted, without any obstacles like money, for our future, what would they be?

Her - to be healthy, to be able to travel anywhere we want to go, and to be surrounded by good people

Him - For us to keep good health, be able to travel the world, and maintain relationships with good people.

Tell us a little bit about that handsome four-legged friend with the Apricot colored fur.

Cash is our 4 year old golden doodle who we got our sophomore year of college. He is such a good boy and we love to take him just about everywhere we can! He loves the snow and the beach and is always down for any adventure.

What was your Engagement session like for you? Was it what you expected??

Her - We had so much fun!

Him - It was a blast especially with our time crunch!

My husband and I met Carolanna and Anderson at our first ever Bridal Show at the Factory of Columbia, TN. She introduced herself and said how much she loved our photography, and the rest is history! We are so blessed that they chose us to shoot their wonderful day, which will take place at Ravenswood Mansion with close family and friends in attendance. Oh, by the way, their gorgeous engagement session was shot at the park around Ravenswood Mansion and their session, even though we only had a good hour to shoot because of a time crunch on their end, were some of the prettiest images I have ever captured. They were naturals in front of the camera, for sure!! Collins and Collins Wedding Photography are so excited to capture one of the most beautiful days of their life that will be here in June!!

It was a great day for us as Middle TN Wedding Photographers.