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One thing a bride or couple should ask their perspective wedding photographer is do you have backup systems and dual memory card slots

Hi there! It's always a great idea to ask your perspective wedding photographer about their backup systems and if they have dual memory card slots.

Make sure that their back up camera is not something that is basic.  I would want to know that the backup equipment is just as good and that can give the same quality images as their main camera. 

Equally,  dual memory card slots are a must (recording every imagine on two separate memory cards – backup!!) – and I think every photographer should use a camera that has them. 

We’ve have had no issues as of yet, but have heard of nightmarish stories from other photographers where having the “back up memory card” had saved them!  

This is a great way to ensure that your special day is documented properly and safely.

A professional photographer will have backups of all their equipment and dual memory card slots in order to make sure they don't miss a moment of your special day.

These Nashville Wedding Photographers wish you all the best in your wedding planning!

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