Title: Love, Laughter, and Cookies: A Downtown Franklin Engagement Story

Springtime in Historic Franklin, Tennessee is one of my favorite things! This engagement session with Kirsten and Jacob was so beautiful. Perfect weather, and perfect golden sunshine. After the cold winter we had, it was a reminder to me why I love spring engagement sessions so much!

Kirsten and Jacob are planning a wedding in Lebanon,Tennessee later this fall, and I was honored to capture these engagement pictures for them. They’re the sweetest couple with fun loving personalities and a wonderful sense of humor, which made our time together so fun!

I met them at one of my favorite small towns, downtown Franklin to find that beautiful light! Historic Franklin is amazing for how many backdrops are in that one area and all in walking distance of each other! Always a favorite. This is definitely a session you don’t want to miss. Read more about their love story below!

Every love story has its beginnings, often unfolding in unexpected ways. For Kirsten and Jacob, it was a journey that began in their hometown church but truly blossomed during a mission trip in high school. Fate brought them together on a plane, and from that moment on, they haven't stopped talking, laughing, and falling deeper in love.

Their weekends are filled with outdoor adventures, exploring new trails in the mountains, followed by cozy movie nights at home. It's in these simple moments that they find joy and connection, strengthening the bond that brought them together.

As they share their favorite quotes, it's clear that kindness, hard work, and faith are guiding principles in their lives. Kirsten finds inspiration in the words "Be kind and courageous" and the belief that every child's behavior stems from a need. Jacob, on the other hand, believes in sowing seeds of hard work and rising with determination to achieve one's dreams.

Their engagement ring holds significance not just in its beauty but in the love and thoughtfulness with which Jacob chose it. Purchased from a local ring store near their college, it symbolizes their journey and commitment to each other.

Reflecting on their favorite dates, Kirsten fondly remembers a hike in the Smoky Mountains, discovering a hidden waterfall and basking in the beauty of nature. Jacob cherishes the unpredictable moments, like a lantern-lighting that went up in flames accidentally and a wasp sting for Kirsten where she quickly swoll up, turning into a sweet evening of laughter and ice cream out of the woods, in the safety of home.

Their faith is an integral part of their relationship, with Bible verses guiding and comforting them along the way. For Kirsten, Psalm 31:3 and Matthew 11:28-30 offer solace and strength. Jacob finds purpose in Acts 20:24 and Mark 10:45, reminding him of the importance of serving others with love and humility.

When asked about the quirky, sweet things they love about each other, Kirsten lights up talking about Jacob's infectious laughter, attention to detail, and passion for music. Jacob, in turn, admires Kirsten's contagious laughter, playful spirit, and happy dance when food is involved.

Their engagement session was a blend of laughter, love, and unexpected moments, and we can't wait to capture their visual legacy!

As Kirsten and Jacob look forward to their wedding day, surrounded by family, friends, and undoubtedly, a few more sweet treats from the Cookie Fix, their love story continues to unfold, filled with adventure, laughter, and endless possibilities.

What was your Engagement session like for you? Was it what you expected?? (Her)

I loved the engagement sessions. Deva was awesome and immediately eased my nerves. Both Jacob and I do not like to have the attention on ourselves but she made it feel very natural. We had a blast and laughed a ton. I am very excited to have her shoot our wedding!

What was your Engagement session like for you? Was it what you expected?? (Him)

It was very sweet. We had a blast exploring a new area for us and Deva helped take away any nerves we may have had about posing and showing affection with people around because she was so welcoming. We all got far more comfortable than I had anticipated.

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