Collins and Collins Photography/Middle TN Wedding Photographers in Columbia, TN at Antrim Celebration Venue had the spectacular privilege of capturing images and preserving memories at Bethany and Brady's "A Springtime Tea Party in the Middle of Winter" themed wedding! The weather was overcast and spitting rain feeling more like a cool summer day than that of winter. As the day progressed the wind picked up and was definitely blustery, and the temperature dropped, and it became very cold. Bethany was a trooper, so we were able to get some beautiful wedding portraits in spite of the weather! The reception area in the barn was warm and cozy despite the wind and rain outside and lots of fun was had by the bridal party and guest alike as everyone danced, ate and socialized with another. The historic home and barn of Antrim is one our favorite venues in the Middle Tennessee area and we are so blessed to live and photograph in and around a historic venue like this one that is 5 min from our house!

Couple:  Bethany Gean and Brady Green

Wedding Date:  December 11, 2021

Wedding Location:  Columbia, TN at the beautiful Antrim Celebration Venue

Maid Of Honor(s): Sister - Sesaly Gean and Best Friend - Lauren Carr

Best Man: Lukis Begley

Flower Girl(s): Hannah Pilkinton and Cassie Caldwell

Quick Facts:

Bethany and Brady wrote their own vows to one another that read:

I (name) promise to protect and comfort you, until my breath fails, and death takes me, I take you to have and to hold from this day forward, putting your needs before my own, and keeping no secrets from you, until the end of my days, by God's holy ordinance, I pledge to you, my faith and unwavering love.

Her something old was her wedding dress that her mother wore in 1992 and the crinoline that she wore under her dress, her and her grandmother made together. Her color palette for her ceremony and reception was Hunter Green and Blush Pink which paired beautifully together. Her theme for her reception was, "A Springtime Tea Party in the Middle of Winter"

Bethany's love for bees and frogs and tea parties was incorporated into her reception by her caterer, LuLu's Roadhouse and Brady's love for fantasy card games was also included on his cake table!

She walked down the aisle to, 'A Tender Feeling' instrumental from Brady's favorite show.

Her and Brady's first dance as a married couple was danced to '1,000 years' by Christina Perry. The reason they picked that song was, when they were both still living with their parents, Brady pulled her off into his family's movie room and with the lights off, put one air pod in her ear and one in his, and the played that song for them to dance to.

Some of their favorite memories of the night was when "Katrina, my mother-in-law, fed both me and Brady chicken nuggets from her purse before the ceremony. I also loved watching Brady's face when the song for me to go down the aisle played (it's from his favorite show and he had no idea I was doing it), also, when the DJ announced every single bridesmaid and groomsmen under the wrong names and almost pronounced my sister and father-in-law as Mr. and Mrs. Green, and us not figuring out the unity candles correctly."

Her main advice to other brides is "I would tell other brides to ask the coordinator any questions you have, even if they're dumb, and to not stress about things going wrong! Things will always go wrong, but that's what makes good memories."

It was a phenomenal day for these TN Wedding Photographers, and we are so blessed to have been a part of their special day!