Columbia, TN Wedding Photographers proudly and joyfully serving Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas “Engaged couple Melondi and Joe were precious! Both gentle and kind, funny and loving, they were just the loveliest of couples. They are perfect together. Seeing them just being them, was the sweetest thing. They giggled and talked then giggled some more, Melondi doing most of the giggling because Joe makes her giddy!!

This sweet couple will be getting married Oct 30, 2021 in Wartrace, TN at the beautiful Beau Cheval Venue

If you ask them how they met, you won't hear a romantic story of a chance meeting on a beautiful beach with the ocean waves splashing against the rocks and the sun setting ever so perfectly, or how their eyes locked on one another from across a crowded room, but what you will hear is how they met at a karaoke bar one fateful night and never left each others side. There was definitely no beach but I am pretty sure they heard Margaritaville that night.

Fast forward 5 years later to September 1, 2020 and Joe is on his way to a jeweler in Atlanta to buy the ring (take a look at it below) and planning on surprising Melondi with a proposal party. Only, he couldn't wait and did what every gentleman should do. On his way home from Atlanta he called Melondi's parents and asked for her hand in marriage, and because he couldn't wait, he rushed home, got down on bended knee and asked her to be his wife.

No video, no makeup or hair done, just a guy and a girl in the kitchen and a whole lot of love.

What makes these two lovebirds so special is that each loves the way the other loves and takes care of others. They both believe that the other has the bigger heart, which is exactly what a marriage should be about; caring about each other sacrificially.

Seems to us that Melondi and Joe are perfect for each other and Collins and Collins Engagement and Wedding Photography can't wait to capture the next chapter in their love story.