As a Columbia, TN Engagement Photographer, I had the privilege to meet this precious couple and hear their sweet love story. They first met in elementary school in the fifth grade where they were in the same class.

At such a young age, I'm sure they never dreamed what life had in store for them. Come to think of it, I didn't even like boys when I was in the fifth grade. It wasn't long until Brady and his family moved away to Alaska, but eventually moved back just a few short years later and he and Bethany once again attended the same school.

In 9th grade Brady noticed one day that Bethany was sad and wanted to cheer her up, so he bought her a cookie and asked her to a dance class. That moment, their love story began and will continue to blossom even more as they will soon become husband and wife. I simply loved capturing their engagement photos and witnessing the beautiful love they have for one another.

Bethany and Brady have been engaged for a year. He proposed by inviting Bethany and her family to a play. He had made arrangements with the play manager to call them up on the stage before the play started where he got down on one knee in front of the entire house and proposed. Bethany was definitely shocked and surprised beyond belief and of course, said "YES" She said that the proposal was absolutely magical!

They will be having a December wedding ceremony on the beautiful grounds of the Antrim in Columbia, TN. We are so thrilled to be their wedding photographer and honored to capture this amazing chapter in their love story.